Upcoming Workshop! Introduction to Exhibit Development: Telling the Story of Newfoundland in the First And Second World War

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Introduction to Exhibit Development: 
Telling the story of Newfoundland in the first and Second World War
Date: November 18-19, 2015; 9:00 – 4:30
Location: Cow Head, NL. Venue to be Determined. 
Exhibit planning is multidisciplinary in nature, incorporating a broad range of skills and expertise including content development, two and three dimensional design, fabrication, administration, and project management. Our course will touch on each of these areas, with a specific focus on exhibit communication as it relates to telling the story of the first and second world wars- What kinds of ideas can/should exhibits present? Who decides? What are the steps and considerations involved in translating that idea into an act of three-dimensional storytelling? How do we judge success? How do we balance or own professional/institutional objectives with the ultimate goal of developing 
exhibits that are comfortable, engaging, stimulating, social and meaningful to visitors? 
Instructors: Jane Severs, Interpretative Planner
Enrolment Limits: Maximum of 20
Registration fees: $85.00 for members and $110.00 for non-members.
For more information or to register please contact:
Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
Telephone: (709) 722-9034
This workshop is one of the core courses for the new Museum Studies Certificate Program. For more information about this program please contact Sarah Wade, Professional Development Coordinator via email at or at (709) 722 9034.
Cancellations received less than 5 days in advance are not eligible for refunds. Participants who do not attend remain responsible for full payment.
Thanks to the Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development for supporting the efforts of the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.