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Battle Harbour Heritage Properties

(709) 921-6325
mid June through to mid September
Battle Harbour Heritage Properties
Situated on a small, near-shore island, Battle Harbour was for two centuries the economic and social centre of the southeastern Labrador coast. Mercantile saltfish premises first established there in the 1770s developed into a thriving community that was known as the "Capital of Labrador".

Today, the site has been restored and is open for day and overnight visitors. Numerous historic structures, walkways and work areas have been restored or reinstated, and a collection of more than 500 artifacts related to the fishery and everyday life are on display. Exhibits feature subjects including saltfish making, seal and salmon processing, mercantile trade in the area, the livyers lifestyle, the Grenfell Mission Hospital and the Marconi wireless station. The site also hosts small conferences, special-interest groups, explorers, yacht/boaters and families.

Admission: $15.00 plus HST for adults see for other rates

Gift Shop Onsite

Special Events - Battle Harbour Fun Day - late August
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